We guarantee that all our animals and products are honestly represented and leave our facilities in perfect health/condition, we will do everything possible to best accomodate animals and products although you must be aware of the risks of shipping live animals and products. We do garantee live arrival of the animals, if anything happens you need to contact us for the next 24H and send photograph of the package and animal, DO NOT take the animal out of the box or change the shipping box we send, any alteration and it won´t be our responsability anymore (fulfilling all our requirements will led to full refund of the value of the animal lost - no shipping refunds are done since buying the animal you agree with our shipping conditions). We only ship animals and products that were previous paid in full, any animal on hold requires a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total amount excluding shipping costs, we DO NOT hold on animals for longer than 48 hours without deposit. Shipping to Portugal We are able to ship to Portugal from Monday to Wednesday. All animals and products can be delivered in Lisbon (Campo de Ourique) or Margem Sul (Setúbal, Almada, Montijo, Seixal). CTT Correio azul (1-2 Days)* 100gr-500gr : 2,30€ 500gr-2Kg : 4,80€ MRW Services* Deliver till 19h : 10,-€ Deliver till 13h : 11,50€ Deliver same day : 17,10€ *All shipping costs may vary without previous notice. Shipping to Spain CTT Registered Airmail (4-5 Days)* 50-100gr: 4,05€ 100-250gr : 5,20€ 250-500gr: 6,70€ 500-1kg: 9,90€ 1kg-2kg: 16,00€ MRW Services* Deliver till 19H Spain : 13,80€ *All shipping costs may vary without previous notice. Shipping to Hamm and Expoterraria shows We are able to ship animals through people that normally attend Hamm and Expoterraria shows. We guarantee that all animals are delivered in good health. Shipping costs to Hamm and Expoterraria please inquire.

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