Dart Geckos is a project of selectively bred leopard geckos and poison dart frogs owned by Gonçalo Pereira. Gonçalo is a histology technician with a master degree on molecular biology and since young demonstrated interest in herpetology. He started this project on 2011 when searching the possibilities of maintaining captive bred poison dart frogs. At that time keeping dart frogs was a mystery in Portugal and it was really difficult to start building and maintaining dart frogs at start because there wasnt available material on local stores and almost every product needed to be imported which led to expensive vivarium builds. Gonçalo finally managed to get things going and adapt to the current reality, instead of importing every single material he tried to find solutions in local stores, instead of copying what others have been doing he started to build on his vivariums in his own way, with different materials but achieving the same results.
Later, still in 2011 Gonçalo bought a leopard gecko breeding pair and started a side project with leopard geckos. After 5 years he keeps many geckos and has some outstanding morphs and still much more in development. Gonçalo started the poison dart frog hobby with a group of Auratus Blue imported from Spain and after that he started to build more tanks and keeping more dart frogs, nowadays he is able to supply many healthy, captive bred dart frogs in Portugal and he is the only known breeder of Ranitomeya and Oophaga in the country.

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